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  1. 101. Braskem

    Producers > Braskem

    …national oil producer, ensuring a good supply of feedstock products. After the acquisition of Sunoco PP factories in the USA, Braskem bought the DOW polypropylene assets in the US and Europe in 2011. In this way they established a foothold on the European continent. Braskem operates 35…

  2. 102. Arkema

    Producers > Arkema

    …(PA alloy), Rilsan® T (PA 10.10), Rilsan® HT (PPA), Rilsan Clear (transparent PA), Kynar® and Kynar-Flex® (PVDF). The origin of the company can be found in the 1970’s as ATO (Aquitaine Total Organico) - a company owned by Elf and Total. In 2004 when the company became independent the name…

  3. 103. Sumitomo

    Producers > Sumitomo

    …Polyethylene (LLDPE C4, HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP Homo- and Copolymer). Petro Rabigh converts ethane gas with its world-scale ethane cracker to 1.3 million tons of C2 / ethylene per year.RESINEX and Sumitomo Chemical Europe have a long term partnership for the sales of SUMITOMO LLDPE C4, HDPE…

  4. 104. DSM

    Producers > DSM

    …6.6 Stanyl® - Polyamide 4.6 ForTii™ - PPA Polyamide 4T ForTii™ Ace - PPA extreme high aromatic polyamide 4T Ecopaxx® - Polyamide 4.10 Arnite® - PBT and PET Arnitel® - Thermoplastic polyester based elastomers (TPE-E) Xytron™ – PPS DSM Engineering Materials has a strong strategy…

  5. 105. LG Chem

    Producers > LG Chem

    …of electric and electronic devices, domestic appliances, interior automotive parts and toys.LG Chem has production units in Korea and China. Their plant in China was recently expanded up to annual production capacity of 1.3 million tons, making LG Chem the global industry leader in both scale…

  6. 106. Trinseo

    Producers > Trinseo

    …PC flame retardantTrinseo products reach a wide range of end-markets including automotive, electrical & lighting, medical, consumer electronics, large and portable appliances, glazing and sheet, packaging, tires or building and construction.Resinex is the major partner for the distribution of…

  7. 107. DOW

    Producers > DOW

    …annual sales of $60 billion USD and employed approximately 52,000 people worldwide. Dow produces more than 5,000 products manufactured at 197 sites in 36 countries across the globe. Dow’s biggest production facilities are located in Freeport/Texas. Since 1952 The Dow Chemical Company has been…

  8. 108. Equate

    Producers > Equate

    …(PE)Ethylene GlycolPolypropylene (PP)Styrene MonomerParaxyleneHeavy AromaticsBenzeneEquate markets its products in Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.RESINEX and EQUATE are able to combine their strengths of Equate’s high quality and efficient production of Polyethylene with a…

  9. 109. Sabic IP

    Producers > Sabic IP

    …full support of Sabic IP through the Resinex supply channel. We can supply all compliance data, certification and commercial information quickly and efficiently together with technical support from Sabic IP directly.Sabic IP have state of the art and R&D facilities in several locations all over…



    …Fortii® CARE PA6 Coming in 2021 PP ExxonMobilTM PP MedcolTM PP Sabic® PCG PPS Fortron® MT TPC Arnitel® CARE TPS-SBC RaplanTM TPS-SES MegolTM Antibact.MB Biomaster® (The product availability may differ in each country based on local Resinex distribution rights.) Solutions for medical…

Results found: 170 <1234567891011121314151617 >