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  1. 11. Electrical & Lighting Industry

    Industries > Electrical & Lighting Industry

    …stability Transparent and opaque ELECTRICAL APPLICATIONS: Connecting Devices for low voltage circuits Enclosures for household installations Electrical Switch Gear Electricity Meters Electronic Housings (e.g., household appliances) LIGHTING As end users are making the transition to…

  2. 12. Wire and Cable

    Industries > Wire & Cable Industry

    …high voltage, high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage) Distribution of Green Energy Telecommunications Specialty applications Building & Construction Personal electronics & appliances Transportation

  3. 13. RESINEX Polymer Powders

    Industries > RESINEX Polymer Powders

    …service standards, short lead times and the supply of high quality powders. RESINEX offers as base resins for compounds or masterbatches: LDPE powder (Low Density Polyethylene powder, medium, high, very high MFI) HDPE powder (High Density Polyethylene powder) LLDPE powder (Linear Low Density…

  4. 14. Services

    …can provide a range of formulations, based on approval requirements, Heavy Metal content and cost for example. Our colourists can create a colour formulation that is suited to your requirements, accurate and repeatable. Warehousing We have created a pan-European distribution network based on…

  5. 15. Resinex attends FachPack 2019

    News > 2019 > Resinex attends FachPack 2019

    …as part of the Ravago-Group. The RESINEX approach is long term and committed o markets, customers and suppliers. We develop for the future of plastics. Nikos Betsch - Key Account Flexible and Rigid Packaging DACH Available 24.-26.09.2019 As part of the Ravago-Group we have grown our…

  6. 16. SIPCHEM started EVA and LDPE production

    News > 2015 > SIPCHEM started EVA and LDPE production

    …is expected for May from European stocks. SIPCHEM and RESINEX will offer SIPCHEM EVA Tubular Resins from MFI 1.0 up to 3.5 and VA content of 4.5% up to 22% for the time being. Main applications are films, foams other extruded items, Compounds for e.g. Wire&Cable applications and others.…

  7. 17. Selenis

    Products > Selenis

    …material for thermoformed trays, blister applications and form fill-seal-applications up to 75˚C. Where Bondz GG 074 is suitable for the majority of the mentioned applications, Bondz GG 174 has even better impact and stretch properties. Selenis Bondz benefits: High clarity Excellent melt…

  8. 18. Ensoft

    Products > Ensoft

    …incorporate suitable thermoplastics (such as PP, PE, PS), oil and fillers in a co-continuous phase morphology.Ensoft® TPE-S offers:Hardness range from 5 Shore A to 60 Shore D (SBS 30 Shore A to 45 Shore D)Service Temperature: -50 to +110°C (dynamic; SBS -50°C to +70°C) -50 to +130°C…

  9. 19. Velvex

    Products > Velvex

    …products. General info VELVEX™ offers an opportunity for premium surfaces, supporting the impression of luxury in vehicle interiors. Until now, the industry has had to choose between unpainted materials that could not offer satisfying scratch resistance or uniform gloss, and painted parts…

  10. 20. Arnite

    Products > Arnite

    …Applications Key PBT and PET Arnite® applications Automotive applications Arnite® is successfully being used in many applications in the automotive industry. Arnite® compounds are currently being employed in the following applications. Electric motor covers Gear housings Fuse boxes…

Results found: 170 <1234567891011121314151617 >