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  1. 21. Zenite

    Products > Zenite

    …over a wide temperature range Typical Zenite® applications: A wide range of components for electrical/electronics, lighting, telecommunications, auto ignition and fuel handling, aerospace, fibre optics, motors, imaging devices, sensors, ovenware, fuel or gas barrier structures and more.…

  2. 22. Resinex POM

    Products > Resinex POM

    …black. Resinex POM is especially suitable for applications requiring low material prices. Food approved grades and grades with IMDS are not available. Resinex POM C9N; medium flow POM with MFI around 9 Resinex POM C13N; medium-high flow POM with MFI around 13 Resinex POM C27N; high flow POM with…

  3. 23. Stanyl

    Products > Stanyl

    …industries, but it also meets many other application requirements. General info Stanyl® is an aliphatic polyamide formed by the polycondensation of 1.4-diaminobutane and adipic acid. Although there are similarities between the molecular structure of Stanyl® and that of PA66 or PA6, the…

  4. 24. Fortron

    Products > Fortron

    …like Fortron® 0205B4, a low melt viscosity PPS powder or Fortron® 0205P4, a low melt viscosity PPS granulate. Fortron® reinforced grades These grade are available with glass filling like Fortron® 1140L4, a medium flow PPS with 40% glass fibre filled grade or with glass/mineral filling…

  5. 25. Pebax

    Products > Pebax

    …of Pebax® 2533 is poorly dependent on the applied deformation. Applications Typical Pebax® applications Industrial: Conveying and transmission Belts Silent gears Medical: Catheters Dental floss Vacuum syringes Automotive: Air bag covers Tube for windscreen wash-containers Sports, Leisure:…

  6. 26. Versify

    Products > Versify

    …formulators, in the form of new products, new applications and new markets.General infoVERSIFY® Plastomers and Elastomers are designed to improve optics, sealing and hot tack performance, elasticity, flexibility and softness for flexible films and rigid packaging producers, manufacturers of…

  7. 27. Elite

    Products > Elite

    …pack weight. In these and many other film applications, from baby diaper back sheets to heavy duty shipping sacks, ELITE® EPE Resins bring a new dimension of performance also in low seal initiation temperature (SIT) and hot tack in sealant layers in multi-layer film applications.RESINEX and…

  8. 28. Sicoflex

    Products > Sicoflex

    …to high temperatures for long periods. Numerous applications in the automotive industry, but also in appliances require heat-resistance next to mechanical properties. SICOFLEX® offers a suitable grade for all these projects.Flame-retardant gradesThe ignition-resistant SICOFLEX® grades are very…

  9. 29. Enflex

    Products > Enflex

    …depending on the formulationVery good surface appearanceEase of processing (no pre-drying is required) and recyclabilityGood UV and weathering resistanceFluid resistanceGood adhesion to polyolefinsTPE-VEnflex® TPE-VEnflex® is a brand name for dynamically vulcanised ethylene/propylene/diene…

  10. 30. DOW HDPE

    Products > Dow HDPE

    …alternatives in an individual analyse of your applications and requirements in the final applications. Please contact for further information and assistant your relevant RESINEX sales office.For injection moulding, DOW® HDPE Resins (DOW® HDPE KS 10100UE, DOW® HDPE KT 10000UE, DOW® HDPE…

Results found: 170 <1234567891011121314151617 >