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  1. 51. Sicoklar

    Products > Sicoklar

    …grades are very suitable for all kind of applications that require high standards of fire safety and flammability properties.Next to the standard UL-listed V-0 grades, SICOKLAR® offers you a halogen-free grade in response to changing environmental requirements.Glass fibre reinforced…

  2. 52. Scolefin

    Products > Scolefin

    …compounds to exactly meet the customer’s and application’s requirements at the best priceProcessingScolefin® PP prime compounds processingThe temperature settings of the injection moulding machine should be set at 200°C at the hopper and increases at a uniform rate to 240°C – 260°C at…

  3. 53. Celanex

    Products > Celanex

    …filler content like Celanex® 2300 GV1/20, an approximate 20% glass fibre filled grade and Celanex® 2300 GV3/10, an approximate 10% glass sphere filled grade. Celanex® high gloss reinforced grades Beside the glass fibres this blend is characterised by a higher gloss than the standard…

  4. 54. BRASKEM PP

    Products > BRASKEM PP

    …Resins are used in many different applications: PP homopolymer has the highest stiffness PP copolymer has the highest impact resistance PP random copolymer has the highest transparency Typical applications Food packaging, pails, crates and boxes, caps and closures, fibres and staple fibres ,…

  5. 55. Sicostirolo

    Products > Sicostirolo

    …offers an economic solution for many applications where prime quality would be over-specified.General infoThe Sicostirolo® Polystyrene portfolio includes 2 major groups:Industrial quality black and white high impact polystyrene HIPS grades and also industrial quality general purpose…

  6. 56. Total LLDPE

    Products > Total LLDPE

    …and are designed for most film lines and applications such as industrial, food or hygiene, collation or shrink films. They can also be used for Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) or heavy duty sacks. It can advantageously be blended with Low Density PE (LDPE) or other PE resins used in blown film mono…

  7. 57. Dowlex

    Products > Dowlex

    …used inextrusion blown film,cast film applications to wrap pallet loads that have sharp corners and irregular shapes andin stretch hood film applications.Their combination of toughness, easy processing and the ability to down gauge is ideal for industrial and consumer film applications…

  8. 58. Rilsan HT

    Products > Rilsan HT

    …origin.Rilsan® HT is the first flexible PPA to replace metal in tubing for HT automotive applications which extends metal substitution to yet unimagined possibilities for automotive, power train and other demanding industrial applications.General infoLong term high-temperature and…

  9. 59. Attane

    Products > Attane

    …extruded membranes.ATTANE® might fit in some applications like frozen food, stretch hood and similar applications such as replacement of EVA as part of the formulations.RESINEX and DOW are solution providers in the technical, food and specialty packaging film market with a superior technical…

  10. 60. Calibre

    Products > Calibre

    …wall and long flow length applications.Typical applications of CALIBRE™ resin:Building and construction – glazingOptical lenses, sun wear lensesDVDsHealthcare componentsWater bottlesCellular phonesElectronic equipment housingElectrical appliancesLightingCALIBRE™ polycarbonate resins from…

Results found: 170 <1234567891011121314151617 >