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  1. 71. Akulon

    Products > Akulon

    …grades designed especially for low temperature applications High molecular weight moulding grades for wear resistant applications Glass reinforced injection moulding grades Standard glass filled: 30-50% GF Heat stabilised e.g. for automotive applications: 30-40% Impact modified for toughness and…

  2. 72. DOW Wire and Cable

    Products > DOW Wire and Cable

    …DOW™ Wire & Cable portfolio and typical application: GradeColourApplication  DOW™ Wire &amp Cable DFDA-1254 NT natural Telecom – physical foaming component   DOW™ Wire &amp Cable DFDA-1648 NT natural LV – halogen free FR jacket   DOW™ Wire &amp Cable DFDA-5488 NT…

  3. 73. Altuglas

    Products > Altuglas

    …OpaqueGlossy opaqueAltuglas® MattUnique matt appearanceAltuglas® FrostedUnique frosted appearanceAltuglas® GraniteLook of natural stoneSolarkote® ASuperior UV protection and weather resistance, adhesion to ABSSolarkote® HSuperior UV protection and adhesion to HIPSSolarkote® PSuperior UV…

  4. 74. Rilsamid

    Products > Rilsamid

    …by frequent load changeEasy processabilityApplicationsTypical Rilsamid™ PA12 applications:Transportbonnet and rear box control cableheating and cooling control cablequick connectorsfuel linetubes for air conditioning fluidclipsPacking, Tubes & Filmspneumatic and hydraulic tubesalimentary…

  5. 75. Sconablend

    Products > Sconablend

    …Sconablend® can be seen in many markets and applications:AppliancesDischarge hoses and hose connections for washing machines and dishwashers, anti slip shoes or pads, seals and liners, bellows, anti-vibration and shock absorber parts.AutomotiveInterior console parts, anti-slip pads, gear…

  6. 76. LG ABS

    Products > LG ABS

    …resistance (LG ASA) Typical LG ABS and LG ASA applications Housings for appliances like LCD TV, printers, copiers, computers, sheets and rods, safety helmets, sanitary parts, automotive light covers (ASA), automotive grills (ASA) etc. Portfolio LG ABS and LG ASA Portfolio The LG ABS portfolio…

  7. 77. Pulse

    Products > Pulse

    …include automotive, consumer goods, appliances and office furniture. General info PULSE™ PC/ABS is a blend of polycarbonate (PC) and ABS which exhibits unique properties when compared to either of the components. PULSE™ PC/ABS resins provides a unique combination of heat…

  8. 78. Total HDPE

    Products > Total HDPE

    …portfolio with focus on blow moulding but also for injection moulding and blown film.From standard blow and injection stretch blow moulding applications as also for applications to markets with high requirements as for automotive (fuel tanks), chemical storage and packaging (UN packaging),…

  9. 79. Styron BR

    Products > Styron BR

    …conveyor belts, footwear and in other applications such as golf ball cores where good dynamic properties are sought. TRINSEO BUNA® cis-132 Polybutadiene Rubber is produced at Trinseo’s world class production facility in Schkopau, Germany resulting in a product of exceptional…

  10. 80. Tyril

    Products > Tyril

    …to use it in many different markets and applications like: Transportation; safety triangle, instrument panel lens, reflectors Electrical & Lighting; light-diffuser, HiFi display “window” Appliances; mixer bowl, refrigerator/freezer tray, microwave window, drying machine window…

Results found: 170 <1234567891011121314151617 >