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PA66 Zytel®

Proizvajalec: Celanese
Vrsta polimera PA 66

PA66 Zytel from Celanese offers a broad portfolio of application-customized polyamide grades:

  • Unfilled grades for standard or fast cycle processing.
  • Grades for extrusion or blow molding.
  • Toughened grades for high impact.
  • A variety of glass reinforced (13-50%) and mineral filled grades.
  • Food contact and medical grades.
  • High-heat grades (up to 220°C).
  • Grades for noise and vibration damping.
  • Electrical friendly grades with organic heat stabilization.

PA66 Zytel high-performance grades are often specified by OEMs for demanding applications in automotive industry, for consumer goods, appliances, fluid handling, electric vehicles and others.

General info

Boost Strength with Zytel PA66 Glass Reinforced Grades!

Zytel PA66 glass reinforced grades are perfect for applications that need a high elastic modulus, up to 11000 MPa, and a tensile strength of up to 200 MPa.

What You Get with Glass Reinforced Zytel PA66 (13% - 60% GF):

  • High stiffness and strength.
  • Long term heat aging resistance in the range of 170°C to 180°C.
  • Chemical resistance to automotive fluids: engine oil, fuel, brake fluid.

The most popular PA66 GF Zytel grades are:

  • Zytel® 70G13HS1L - PA66 GF13, heat stabilized, lubricated.
  • Zytel® 70G30HSLR - PA66 GF30, heat stabilized, lubricated, hydrolysis resistant.
  • Zytel® 70G50HSLA - PA66 GF50, heat stabilized, lubricated, high flow.
  • Zytel® 70G50HSLR - PA66 GF50, heat stabilized, lubricated, hydrolysis resistant.

The property enhancement is maximized when the specially treated glass fibres are uniformly dispersed into the nylon. This process creates a strong chemical bond between the nylon and the glass, significantly increasing the material's tensile strength and stiffness in a variety of environmental conditions.

Seeking Superior Thermal Properties in PA66? Discover Zytel Plus!

  • Withstand longer periods of exposure to hot air vs standard nylon.
  • Withstand significantly higher temperatures than standard nylon.
  • Withstand more than 3000 hours exposure to hot oil and 3000 hours exposure to hot automotive coolant.
  • Last 2-3 times longer than other nylons (PA66) exposed to aggressive chemicals and hot environments.
  • Retain most of its weld strength after 1000 hours at 210°C.

Select higher efficiency of your production with unfilled Zytel grades!

Unmodified Zytel polyamide grades are available in several additive packages to provide different level of nucleation and fast cycle and:

  • Provide balance of strength and stiffness with toughness.
  • Various grades available for high flow, fast cycles, and high productivity.
  • Chemical resistance to cleaning agents, solvents.

Some of the most popular unfilled PA66 Zytel grades are:

  • Zytel® 101L – unfilled PA66 for general usage.
  • Zytel® 101F – unfilled PA66 with improved flow length and fast cycle.
  • Zytel® 132F – nucleated unfilled PA66 with short crystallization time.

Zytel PA66 also offers unfilled grades with high viscosity that are mainly used in extrusion to manufacture film, tubing, and stock shapes.

Toughen Up Your Products with Zytel PA66 – Up to 8x Impact Resistance!

Unfilled, toughened grades are great for things needing flexibility and impact resistance, like fasteners or cable ties. They give:

  • Impact resistance in low temperature and dynamic environments.
  • Reduces damage to parts to extend lifetime in use.
  • Elongation capability for applications that require higher flexibility.

Some of the most popular toughened PA66 Zytel grades are:

  • Zytel® MT409AHS - Medium Toughened PA66.
  • Zytel® ST801 - Super Toughened PA66.

Super Toughened grades have Notched Charpy Impact > 40 kJ/m2 which is 8 times higher than in case of a regular PA66.

Electrical Friendly PA66 Zytel Grades

Portfolio of PA66 Zytel grades focused on providing solutions for advancing electrification of vehicles. These grades are widely used for applications like connector housing, oil sensors or engine connectors because they provide:

  • Higher flow for molding of thinner, miniaturized parts.
  • Increased durability in high voltage applications.
  • Designed to prevent electrolytic corrosion.

Some of the most popular electric friendly PA66 Zytel grades are:

  • Zytel® 70G15EF – 15% glass fibre reinforced PA66 with heat aging temperature 150°C.
  • Zytel® 70G30REF – 30% glass fibre reinforced PA66 with heat aging temperature 160°C.
  • Zytel® 70G35EF – 35% glass fibre reinforced PA66 with heat aging temperature 170°C.

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